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An essential ingredient in pastry, The Chocolate!

It is one of the flagship ingredients of pastry for many years.
Here you will find everything you need to work with chocolate. Whether it's praline molds, chocolate coverings or tools like "Spatulas, guitar paper, transfer paper".

We will explain the differences between chocolate cover, chocolate cake pops or chocolate chips that do not melt in cooking.

Simply choose your category.

Treat boxes

6.20 CHF
15 x 15 cm
5 pcs
Small boxes for treats in cardboard - various colors

Small boxes for treats in cardboard - various colors

3.50 CHF
6 x 6 cm
10 pcs

Chocolate pen  15 colors

Chocolate flavour pens color choice

3.90 CHF
25 g

Spatula, silicone, Utensil, color to choose

Spatulas various colors in silicone

5.90 CHF -15% 5.00 CHF

  • Reduced price
Deco melts natural White 1 kg

Deco melts "natural White" - 1 kg

21.90 CHF
1 kg
Callebaut white 28 % - 400g

Callebaut white chocolate 28 % - 400g

9.50 CHF
400 g