Emporte pièce - La rose la plus simple à créer
  • Emporte pièce - La rose la plus simple à créer

Cutter The Easiest Rose Ever

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The FMM Cutter the easiest rose ever is designed to make the easiest and quickest sugar roses ever! Roses can be used on cupcakes and (wedding) cakes to give a romantic finish.
With this one cutter you can make four sizes of roses, from a bud all the way through to a blooming 70 mm rose. 
The technique for each of these sizes is exactly the same. 
This makes this cutter not only great for beginners, but is also a real time saving tool for professional decorators.
How to use: 
Cut out the shape of fondant and use the back of a rolling pin to smooth the edges. 
Cover half of shape with edible glue and paste to each other. 
Carefully roll up the fondant in your hand and fold out the petals. 
To make smaller roses, cut the shape into smaller piece and use the same method as for the large rose.
This cutter makes roses in the sizes 20, 25, 50 and 70 mm.
Demonstration video on youtube.
Content: 1 cutter.




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